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DESIGN: Scandinavian Interiors

One of my goals is to travel internationally once a year (and no…Canada doesn’t count, since I regularly go to Toronto for the food shopping). I recently got back from visiting Denmark and Sweden, which were both beautiful, beautiful countries, with beautiful, beautiful men…and women…and babies. Seriously, every single child I saw there was blonde and blue-eyed. NOT EVEN KIDDING. It was pretty ridiculous.

We went on a bunch of walking tours, and FINALLY the truth came out! Here it is…Scandinavia was populated by the Vikings. Vikings were blood-thirsty barbarians who like to ravage and pillage and burn. And so eventually they stole all of the beautiful women from the Europeans and created several nations of beautiful people up north. Regardless of how true that story is, it makes me feel a lot better about myself.

Anyway, I’ve always been obsessed with simple Scandinavian design. Especially the stark white interiors of so many houses there…what surprised me was how much color I found! Specifically, my friend and I stumbled upon the Danish Museum of Design, and these postcards completely blew me away:
Antoni 1 Antoni 2

( @ Ib Antoni images )

These images just made me picture a completely different Denmark than I usually think of. And really, there was so much color there. I still love the stark white interiors, obviously, but these colorful postcards are also super cute.

Had such a great time up north. I’ll post some trip pictures soon. Hope you all had wonderful summers too!




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