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KISMET: Hello, 2014!


Well, hello to a new year!

So, I realize that I’m late with posting a “New Year’s Resolution List…” But I’ve never been good with following rules. I’m pretty sure rules were made to be broken. They just make you test your limits, right? Right.

I’m not sure how well I follow these lists. Feels like every year I make one…and then the list somehow disappears, literally, within the first few weeks of writing it, and then I never see it again, until the last week of December. Suddenly, it’s right there on top of my desk, having finally built up a year’s worth of courage and come out.

This year, I’m making it semi-public it, which means that it’ll be here, and easy to search whenever I need to see it. That way maybe I will actually follow it…and short and sweet is the way to go.

1). Get my pistol permit – I’m a fairly violent person…at least as much as a five-foot, petite Asian girl can be when I’m angry. But I was going to get my pistol permit with a good friend, who tragically drowned last summer. Getting this seems like a good way to remember him.

2). Wear my seat belt more often – See above about breaking rules. Apparently, breaking this rule is liable to get me killed sooner than I’d like to be. So, I’ll try to do this more!

3). Sleep at least 7 hours a night – I deprive myself of sleep because I feel like it’s a waste of time. I have so many things to do, and sleep is a necessary evil. But, sleeping more = really narrowing down what I want to do.

4). Be more assertive – I need to have more of an executive presence and tone down my friendliness in the corporate world.

5). Read more literature – I find myself spending more time reading blog posts and fluff books as opposed to books or essays that actually make me think. I need to think more.

Short and sweet. Here’s to a new year!



One comment on “KISMET: Hello, 2014!

  1. sweptfaraway
    January 23, 2014

    That’s a great list!! I’m sorry to hear about #1, you better get on #2 and #3 missy!!! Agree on #4 and I think you’re fine with #5… but OK!

    HAPPY HAPPY 2014!!!!!

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