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OBSESSED: Tech Talk Lovely

Now that I’m a working girl, I have finally entered the world of smart phones. I got a Samsung Galaxy S4, and I LOVE it. The screen is so nice and big! The only problem is, I tend to drop things…usually pricey, expensive and electronic things.

So, I need a case.

But it seems like most of the guides I’ve seen online are all for iPhone cases. This, ladies and gentlemen, is clearly a case of phone discrimination. And I’ve set out to right this wrong!

Here are some I’ve come across so far for my lovely Samsung Galaxy S4:

Panda! Of course, this is completely adorable.

panda case.

( $8.50 @ iPhoneXCases )

Colorful glittery and bold.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Case Purple Gold Art Pattern

( $27.17, @ )

This wooden case looks nice and sturdy…like it would still protect my phone, even after I’d dropped it for the millionth time.

( $27, @ )

Giant flowers. Hmm.

samsung galaxy s4 case galaxy s4 case samsung s4 case Art cute unique and best embossment the tulip samsung galaxy s4 case

( $18.90, @ )

Wood and teal. Can’t go wrong with that.

( $24.99 @ )

We can’t end until we fulfill my mint obsession. And here we are:

Mint dandelion pastel Samsung Galaxy S3 case,Samsung Galaxy S4 case, Plastic hard case cover,Samsung Galaxy I9300/ I9500 case

( $9.88 @ )

Hope I get a case soon!


One comment on “OBSESSED: Tech Talk Lovely

  1. Joyce Wang
    December 26, 2013

    the Panda case looks like it has three eyes… a bit creepy… My vote is on the wood one!

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