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FASHION: Stripes

Went on another shopping spree, and picked up an item at Forever 21 that I’ve been wearing nonstop.

It’s another classic item, and for less than $20, I think I hit the jackpot.

So, I tried it on, and it fit nicely, and looks perfect with both skinny jeans and black pants. Perfect for fall, and if you remember this awesome post about stripes a few weeks ago, you might start to get how my brain works…

( @ Forever 21, $19.80 )

And I’m sure it would look great with a skirt too, like the one the model is totally rocking. So, in essence, got a fall sweater that I can wear everywhere! Plus, the quality is surprisingly good. Super soft and comfy.

It says handwash though…but are you serious? Who handwashes things anymore? OK, maybe you do because you care about your clothes. Me? I love this sweater to death….which is why I will be tossing it with my other whites.

Picking up any new outfits for fall?



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