SHOES: Black is Back

So, fall to me has always meant new shoes. Well, OK, that might not make sense to you…so here’s the logic:

There’s the new school year, which means new clothes…new leaves, which means new shoes. You get it now?

No? OK, just look at the eye candy then:

For some reason, black heels with straps have been catching my eye. This pair has not only one, but two straps! So, if we take that first 5 off, this would be the perfect shoe to buy.


( @ Alexander Wang, $525 )

OK, and since we can count (yes, since kindergarten. I know, really??), there are not one…not two…but three straps on this pair! Also, can anyone tell me why, since we upgraded our strap count to three, this pair is $100 less than the first one? How does that even make sense?

Reiss Belle Heels

( @ Reiss, $425 )

Now, this pair. Ooooh. we get a little color happy here, and mix in beige with black. Yup. Earth-shattering color combo.

( @ Zara, as worn by Annabelle Fleur of VivaLuxury )

OK, and this one doesn’t break the bank as much…and black heels are so classic, we could always do with more.

( @ RMK, $129.95 )

Now…which one to buy.


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