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OBSESSED: Neon x Glitter

I don’t know why, but I’ve been sorta in love with the way a bright skirt matches up with a glittery/sparkly clutch. 

Case in point (bright pink skirt, metallic clutch, and heels, perfection) : 

( @ Viva Luxury )

And case in point numero dos (again, bright ORANGE skirt, sparkly clutch):

( @ Viva Luxury )

OK, and then I realized that these two awesome fashion shots are actually from the same fashionista blogger, so it’s not really a trend, but I was really liking the combo, so I went digging around for some more…

Sparkle top, neon pants and clutch. Reversal of my original find.

sparkle and neon

( @ Fckyeahdulcecandy –> unsure of where original came… ) 

Finally, last, but certainly not least, casual neon outfit, made sophisticated by the glitter clutch:

( @ Sincerely, Jules )


So, continuing trend? Only for parties, or totally cool to wear to school?

I’m gonna dig up my glitter and see if I can rock this at work this week.




2 comments on “OBSESSED: Neon x Glitter

  1. Tanya
    July 31, 2013

    Gorgeous clutches worn in a beautiful way.

    • kamikismet
      August 2, 2013

      Thanks Tanya! I’ve been pairing them this summer! Have a wonderful day!

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