My fated loves – fashion and food.


So, here it comes. My new obsession. Which is perfectly healthy, by the way.

Sparkling. Water.


I bought this brand, VOSS, on a whim, while, in all places, TOPS Market, (yes, I know this sentence is CHOCK-full of commas), shopping for some snacks fruits with my brother, and the design of the bottle was just so gorgeous.

( @ VOSS Water )

But then, I get home, and open it, and BOOM FIZZ BANG. Sparkling water!

I love it. I’m really going to save my money and keep drinking out of this ridiculously heavy because it’s glass bottle with plain water and not buy ten million more of these at like $5 each….right…

In other news…back at school.



One comment on “OBSESSED: VOSS Water

  1. Gene
    September 19, 2012

    That is pretty. Also, I’m obligated to point out that although all the commas are fine, it should be “while in, of all places, TOPS Market.” =P The balloons are cute.

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