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SHOE LUST: Minty Fresh

There’s a crisis that every girl faces at least once in her life….

A broken sandal strap!
So here I am, my last day in Columbus, OH, walking around on campus, and suddenly realizing that my flip-flop feels really loose. The slow realization that the strap is going to break! Valiantly trying to walk more properly, trying to make the strap stay in…..alas, it breaks. 
Of course, I’m with two guys…neither of which realize the horrific implications of walking around the campus in my bare feet! 
One leaves in disgust to go to class, and the other attempts to find a shoe store…and not knowing this campus at all, I’m at his disposal. The first store we go to? Foot Locker…typical boy. 
Finding nothing appropriate there, we backtrack and end up at Urban Outfitters. Thank God. 
$10 purchase of these awesome mint green sneakers, that I love love LOVE. 
Best recent purchase ever.
What has been your worst fashion crisis? How did you react?
Have a wonderful warm Sunday! Ta. 

2 comments on “SHOE LUST: Minty Fresh

  1. Fitra2009
    May 20, 2012

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  2. onlymeant2live
    May 27, 2012

    Argh, I've had that happen to me about three times already – sooooo annoying! And we both know how much I love flip flops! And foot locker? Of course a guy would suggest that – it'd be one interesting day if a guy can recommend something else for shoes. Nice purchase!

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