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Long story short, I have not been into an Old Navy store since like middle school. But the other day, I was with my mother, and we passed one while we were doing some shopping at stores nearby. She wanted to check it out, since there were these HUGE 75% OFF sales signs plastered all over the store windows.

I meekly went in with her, and was soo surprised by how much I like their apparel! I even bought myself a neat red jacket! I will definitely be frequenting their store more often! Go Old Navy, they’re definitely getting back on track with style!
Some of my faves:
This bright yellow messenger bag is the perfect size to just tote the necessities. I hate carrying huge bags, so this is perfect! 
( @
This bag is preppy, yet it also sorta screams beach at me…can’t wait until summer hits again!
( @ )

Satisfying my polka-dot craving, in this amazing raspberry red color!

( @ )

This shirt is a perfect pullover to make an outfit more elegant. Simple, but prints always fancy you up.

( @ )

This chunky knit looks so comfy! Instead of a jacket I would wear it over so much this winter to keep me warm. (I can’t really choose between the striped one, which I love so much, or the more practical beige or black one…)

( @ )

Thoughts on Old Navy? No, yes?



2 comments on “FASHION: Old Navy

  1. onlymeant2live
    January 27, 2012

    Instead of a jacket??? Tsk tsk tsk

  2. ~R
    January 27, 2012

    Welll, I did buy a jacket! It's like a bright red orange…you'll have to see it. I couldn't find it online. =P

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