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FASHION: Polka Dot Love

Apparently, I have a deep unconscious (unknown?) love for polka dota. As I was browsing through my pinboard of outfit ideas, I realized that many of them have the polka dot theme…so I’m just going to post them here. Definitely think I’m going to be buying some more polka-dot outfits soon!:

This outfit is so sexy…dressed to kill.

( @ )

Sheer love.

( @ )
Polka dotted shoes? What?
( @

Sheer white blouse.

( @ )
Contrast the flowiness of the previous white polka-dot shirt with this form-fitting one. 
( @ )

Scarf, of course there is one here with polka dots!

( @ )

Fancy dress.

( @ )

Skirt. Working polka-dots into the professional life, yes.

( @ )

Elegant dress, love the back.

( @ )

Polka dots in the summer? Yes!

( @ )

I am definitely thinking polka dots all year round!

Opinion on polka dots…love them? Hate them?



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