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KISMET: Oil-Cleansing Method

I’ve been trying this new method of cleansing my face. All-natural, and it sounds weird, but cleaning your face with oil apparently is really great. I haven’t noticed anything really apparent yet, but I just started two days ago.

I’ve mixed 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil with grapeseed oil, both of which I found in Wegmans for about $5 each.

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Then I pour a quarter-sized amount into my hand, and slowly rub it onto my face.

Then, I put a washcloth that has been steeped in hot water over my face, and let it soak in and steep my pores.

Finally, I wipe everything off of my face.

I haven’t used any moisturizer, but I’m thinking about it. My skin hasn’t broken out, but I don’t really get any breakouts, sooo, I’m not sure how effective this is, but this is definitely cheaper than most other face cleansing methods.

I am thinking about buying some castor oil, which is supposed to help draw out impurities, and creating another mixture.

Some extra manuals:
How to Clean Your Face Naturally by SimpleMom
OCM – the Oil Cleansing Method by Aisha Wood


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