FOOD: Summer Fruit

OK, so church friends brought over organic blueberries that they picked yesterday, and that reminded me to get on the summer fruit kick. I love summer fruit. It’s so yummy. A few of my faves:
( @ )
( @ original source unknown… )
( @ )
Strawberries are delicious, and even more so when they’re in the shape of hearts. 

( @ )
( @ )

Peaches are probably my favorite fruit ever. And peach pie, in my very humble opinion, is the best pie ever. It’s getting to be the season for peach picking, and I’m definitely ready to go!

( @ )
( @ )

( @ )

( @ )

OK, I lied, cherry pie is my favorite. And cherries are the best. Tart or sweet, it depends on my mood. I’m in the mood for buying a cherry pitter, actually…

What are your favorite summer fruits?


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