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COLOR: Aquarmarine

Friday is Color Day.

Today, aquamarine. It’s such a gorgeous color. 
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The reason my ears aren’t pierced is because if they were….I’d be soo broke because of all the pairs of earrings I would have bought, then subsequently lost, or immediately forgotten about. This pair, because of its gorgeous color and excellent filigree design, I think would have made me hold onto them a bit longer…perhaps.
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This pants are perfect for the HOT summer we’re having right now. I love the pop of color!

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I love this dress and photo! It’s so gorgeous, and makes me want to have a winding staircase and a long train just so I could do this at home!

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This kitchen is the best color ever! Nothing says “I’m ready to cook” like a dark aquamarine. I think that it really brightens up the kitchen, especially with those large windows! Who wouldn’t want to cook there, enjoying the lovely morning sun shining through?
Thoughts on aquamarine this summer?

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