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KISMET: Dreaming of Paris

I went to see Midnight in Paris last weekend with Z. Been hearing a lot about it, and it was just as good as I expected! So, not only were the outfits amazing, but the plot was really good too! Being an English major, I loved hearing all of the references to the different authors who were expatriates during the ’20s. (My personal favorite was Gertrude Stein). Amazing movie, and highly recommended!

Owen Wilson was surprisingly good! I have never really liked him…his style of humorous movies. But in this movie, I really liked him.

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I loved Rachel McAdams in this movie. She was brilliantly over-the-top demanding and fabulous. She’s one of my favorite actresses…I definitely have a girl crush on her! And her outfits in this movie…simple, but so elegant:

( @ )
( @ )

And Marion Cotillard, who I recognized, but couldn’t place. I IMDBd her after the movie, and she’s Mal from Inception. Her outfits were gorgeous too!

( @ )
And Carla Bruni! I’d never seen her before in a movie. She’s gorgeous too. 
( @ )
It makes me want to go live in Paris too! I’m thinking about going on a trip, just like Gil and Inez…and then just staying there for a while. Maybe even never come back. =) 

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